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A bike racks is a great addition to your car for families and people that like to travel with bike (bicycle) and by using our guides you can be sure that you’ll invest in a bike racks that will serve you well for years to come.

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Akash Wandhekar

Akash Wandhekar

Hey I’m Akash, founder and owner of My Bike Racks. Yesterday ( 7 june 2021) I was searching best bike racks for my car. I found too little information about bike racks. I have too many doubt about bike racks. Is my bike racks illegal? I just found nothing. In some states Hitch-Mount Bike Racks is illegal. But cyclists have been hit with penalties and tickets for having their bike incorrectly mounted on a rack or because the rack they were using was not a good fit for the car, often causing a visibility issue wherein the license plate cannot be seen. That’s why I started My Bike Racks.